SAVING GIZMO’S FRIENDS is a non-profit dedicated to saving at-risk dogs from high-kill city and county shelters in the Greater Los Angeles area. After all their veterinary needs are met the dogs are transported to Humane Societies, independent rescue groups, and no-kill shelters in other states that have met our standards and approval.

Although we are currently able to help mainly small to medium breeds we occasionally take on larger breeds as well. We do not discriminate based on age or medical needs. We help dogs in all kinds of medical conditions until they are healthy to be transported.

We are also dedicated to improving the conditions of the shelters through funding and donations.

Our goal is to give a second chance to as many four pawed friends as we can with the help of our supporters..


Saving Gizmo's Friends Transport Program is an initiative that supports the relocation of animals from shelters where they are scheduled to be euthanized to pre-approved humane societies, rescue organizations and no kill shelters, in the New England states where there is a demand for adoptable pets.

Saving Gizmo's Friends helps to meet this demand and save lives by moving animals from overpopulated shelters where they face almost certain death to these communities where there are lists of people waiting to adopt them.

We fund the transport of dogs by plane. The animals are quickly placed in loving homes because of the relative shortage of adoptable animals in the aforementioned states.


Some of our dogs flying to their new homes!

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