Dixie rescued us!Hello

I wanted to share our story about Dixie. We thought that we rescued her, but little we knew that it was she who rescued us!

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Margaret loves treats and foodHi

I wanted to share a little update about Margaret, who is now called Minerva (“Minnie” for short). Minnie is doing wonderfully. She gets four walks a day, eats delicious wet food twice a day, and plenty of treats and cuddles every day. I’ve yet to hear Minnie bark, but she certainly knows how to get her point across - she quietly but firmly insists on climbing into my lap or joining me on my bed or couch for a nap.

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Hi! I live in Maine & adopted Paps about 6 weeks ago. He was in Los Angeles animal Care & Control being advertised 2-16-17 in LA County Castaic as a 10 year old Chihuahua. The LA health certificate indicates he was neutered 3-17-17. The write up said he was so terrified he didn't let anyone touch him for a week, but soon he was hanging out with staff & walking on a leash.

My story is interesting in that I have been looking for the right dog for years & my husband insisted no older dogs & no Chihuahuas & reluctantly I agreed.

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I recently adopted Henson, a 3-year old Shih Tzu from the SPCA in Santa Cruz. When they gave me the adoption papers, it says the origin is from Gizmo's Friends in LA.

Henson has been with me a week, and he's adjusting well so far. He loves treats and big doggy beds.

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Dear Cassandra,

I cannot wait another day to thank you and Saving Gizmo's Friends for making it possible for Dolly and Angel to become part of my family! Your hard work and care on their behalf is greatly appreciated and, although you and I will never meet, I will always consider you a "Special Friend."

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